Kept on Ice

Written with Blue Stour

Stranded at Third

Following All-State and All-American statuses, Kade Toney was climbing baseball’s minor-league ladder. Earning a reputation as a free-swinging slugger, he was walloping legendary home runs out of ball parks and in bedrooms across the nation. He was living proof that chicks really do dig the long ball.

A knee injury, however, derailed his dream just days before he was set to debut on a major-league stage. Sixteen years, numerous one-nighters, and a wife later, his post-baseball days had been anything but a casual stroll around the bases. Subsequently, his life left him stranded at third, unable score.

Frustrated, Kade returned to college and finished his one remaining semester. Then, the financially-strapped school teacher also began spending his summers on freshly-mowed and chalked fields of dreams . . . as an umpire, reliving his glory days on the diamonds in a different role.

The only question for the former star-turned-teacher/umpire is, will he ever race the final ninety feet to finish circling the bases and step on home plate? As Kade learns, it’s amazing what true family can do.

Warning: Contains one sexy ump piling up the home runs using his bat & balls.

TouchDOWN and Dirty

Quarterback Clayton Karz knows football, he is football…until an injury takes him out of the game he lives for. Even after months in therapy he still isn’t any closer to returning to the field. Unsatisfied with his slow recovery, his team brings in the big guns.

Enter curvy, tattooed, foulmouthed and unorthodox sports rehabilitation therapist Roxy Shaw. Not only does she love the sport but she’s got no qualms going toe-to-toe with a hardheaded athlete. Honestly? She lives for it.

The chemistry between the two goes from blatant disdain to lust that can’t be controlled. Clayton, who was content with one-night stands and his playboy lifestyle, finds himself wanting more with a woman he would’ve never guessed. Roxy went in with her eyes wide open and she’ll be damned if she lets her guard down enough to get her heart broken…

Will Clayton be back in pads come pre-season?

Is their time together going to be over before the first down?

Warning: Contains one hellcat that’s the number one reason the star quarterback wears his cup well past game time!

Author Sidda Lee Rain

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