Author Sidda Lee Rain

Saddled, Straddled and Cinched

Roping Him In

Will Carly finally find her fairy tale ending with Shane? Is he her prince disguised as a hardworking farm boy? Or is it time, after all these years to just cut the ties and move on….

Carly has spent so many hours thinking of Shane that it is sickening . No matter what she did or who she tried to date she still couldn’t get him out of her head—or her heart. For years, she reminded herself that he was her best friend’s brother and therefore off limits. But, it was her best friend who finally pushed the two together a couple years ago. Yet, here she is, once again wondering if it is time to forget her childhood crush and find somebody not only for herself but perhaps someone willing to be a father figure for her daughter, Isabella.

Wanting nothing more than the woman he first noticed when she was a teenager, Shane finds himself at a crossroads in his life. He had tried and failed at forgetting her. But, he wasn’t sure she could handle the truth about the kind of man he really was. His former fiancé had sure as hell made that pretty clear when she packed up her bags and flown the coop after his confession. Not only had Laurel left, she had broken his heart when she told him he wasn’t fit to be a father.

Would it be selfish of him to keep Carly and her beautiful brown eyed daughter for his own?

WARNING: This novel contains a man, a woman, a rope and a good time you can bet your ass—umm….speaking of ass, you’ll see!

Steel Horse Cowboy

Chelsea hadn’t been living her life to the fullest...until her beloved Grandmother Rosie past.  A letter she left her granddaughter inspires Chelsea to walk away from the life she had and start living the life she wanted.  Even if she wasn’t sure what that was.  Leaving her condo in Colorado, stepping down from her high paying job and walking away from her fiancé was just the beginning on her journey to find her true self.  Thinking she’d find answers on the road Chelsea found herself following the rodeo circuit.

Scotty had never seen a more gorgeous creature before the day he saw her ride up on a horse next to his sister.  Auburn hair shining in the sun, skin tight jeans that looked like they had been painted on and sassy, sexy as hell red cowgirl boots in the stirrups topped off her smokin’ country girl appeal.  Just so happens a couple months later he would have a chance to get his hands on her as he escorted her down the aisle...of his sisters wedding.  Sharing a dance at the reception wasn’t enough of her or her whiskey colored eyes.

Not understanding the draw she had to him was confusing.  The man was as far from a cowboy as you can get-yet Chelsea still found him to be the sexiest man she’d ever seen.  One night of unadulterated passion would haunt her for far longer than she had ever guessed.  Living with the longing, the pain and sadness on her own was her doing but would caving into Scotty again leave her healed or leave her hurting once more?

Could a motorcycle bring them back together and is it their journey now and not just her own?

Warning: This novel contains one certified cowgirl searching for her cowboy but stumbling across a hot ass biker man instead. He gives her the road trip of a lifetime and she rides him like a Harley on a bad piece of road!


Hard Candy Christmas

Snuggle up with a warm blanket, hot cocoa and read a heartwarming tale of family, love and unexpected gifts.

Characters from the first three DIRTY DENIM Series novels come together once again. But, this time it’s for a good ol’ country Christmas on the Evans’ South Dakota ranch. Bringing family together is the true meaning of Christmas after all.

Even though everyone is at different points in their lives….the family still understands the importance and the true gift of having each other. A meddling mother, clueless men and precious children are nothing new to the holiday’s are they?

But, something’s aren’t always what they seem.
Snowy day’s and freezing night’s….luckily the men know  how to keep their women warm.

Warning: Rockin’ under the Christmas tree can result in pine needles in some rather interesting places.
This novella is NOT meant to be a stand alone. PLEASE, read the DIRTY DENIM Series 1-3 first.

Quick on the Trigger

What does a divorced mother of four want for her 30th birthday?

Single mommy vacay! Siri knew anywhere a swimsuit was required was out-her thighs wouldn’t be on display in swimwear like…ever. After her husband of 11 years had an affair, she had no intention of getting involved with another member of the male species. But she sure as hell didn’t mind looking at their species-especially cowboys.

Her cousin Chassie, a barrel racer, knew where to find the hottest men in Wranglers. One man in particular fit the bill-not that Chassie had filled Siri or Jamie of her matchmaking plans.

His breath actually caught when he saw her. Siri had hips that put thoughts in his head and the thoughts kept getting dirtier until he reached the most beautiful pair of….baby blues he’d ever seen. Jamie had ridden some of the meanest bulls known to rodeo but this woman knocked him on his ass far before the buzzer.

Everything in him screamed to keep her well past an eight second ride. Could Jamie actually convince Siri? She was the furthest thing from the buckle bunnies he was used to and he knew she'd had her own bad ride, but Jamie was determined to get his own chance with the feisty woman!

Warning: This book contains one hot bull rider and one feisty woman who will ride him well past 8.