Author Sidda Lee Rain

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Truth is if you don't find her behind the keyboard you probably won't be able to see her at all. Because in all likelihood she'll either be decked out in full camo in a tree stand with her bow in hand or flying down a highway at speeds only flashing lights and sirens can stop... with karaoke hour in high gear!

Known for her rebel attitude Sidda Lee Rain makes it clear she's here to stay and write the way she wants to --grammatical hot mess or not-- Her books aren't meant to change the world, her characters aren't meant to be perfect. But, trust they'll bring a smile to your face and you might want to have your drink on the rocks cuz you're gonna need to cool yourself down.

 I am an author who believes in writing stories that can bring you a "tingle" even on your most "un-tingly" of days.  Books showing the softer side of an alpha male...yet, plenty views from their ( ehh hemm-clears throat ) HARDER sides as well.  Rough around the edges men whom know just how to handle their women, even before the women realize just how much they wanted to be handled .